Problem Loading the Editorial grid

Dear everyone and @asmecher

I am using OJS 3.02 and have installed jatsParser and modified manuscript theme by @Vitaliy and modified lens by @ajnyga. I started having problems before installing these plugins.

I am having problem loading my editorial workflow and other grids for nearly two months now. I have to repeatedly refresh or clear server and browser cache and sometime have to try at other times to get it load. It has become annoying these days. I am trying to be as elaborative as I can in this new topic.

The frontend loads fine without problem.

I had posted similar problem at past in some question and was advised to see whether error are passed to user/screen. No they are not, they are passed to server error_log only.

Here is the screenshot of my problem. The circle keeps on spinning with loading message and nothing loads. It occurs with most of the menus in the grid view (editorial view).

The console error message in this particular page was:
“NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -$$$call$$$/grid/issues/back-issue-grid/fetch-grid?=1498525642495"
Also, I got this second error, in addition to first, when I refreshed the page:
"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -$$$call$$$/page/page/user-nav-backend?

Server error_log details is in this paste bin:

I need help in solving this issue.


Hi @anupent,

There’s nothing indicating why you’re getting a 500 error in the log file you quote, but the 500 error should definitely result in an error message getting logged. It’s possible that either the relevant error is elsewhere in the log file, or that your PHP error log is separate from your Apache (or equivalent) error log and the message is getting recorded there instead. (The latter would be the case for e.g. a request time limit.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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There were some restrictions on server. Once those restrictions were lifted, everything is running fine.
Thank you all for your help.

Warm Regards,

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