Problem in bootstrap3 them for new version of OJS

We have 2 problem after upgrading to OJS 3.01 and then new them of bootstrap3.

1- Page for download PDF is like this

2- In registration form Recaptcha dose not showing. after changing theme to the default them that will be ok.


Are you using the newest bootstrap 3 theme?
This link may be useful regarding the theme

I had the same problem with OJS 3.0.0, but pdf page was with big blank field on half of display. Therefore decided not to use Bootstrap :).

Hi @novikoffav,

I think that’s already been resolved – see PDF viewer uses only half of screen height · Issue #34 · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Kawahyu

I’m using latest version of OJS and bootstrap3

v1.0.1 of the Bootstrap 3
and OJS v3.0.1

Thank You

It looks like this is due to a changed class name in a submodule that didn’t get picked up in my development setup. I’ve flagged this issue to fix in a future update.

In the meantime, you can fix this by editing the following in line /plugins/themes/bootstrap3/styles/bootstrap.less:

.header_view_pdf {

It should be:

.header_view {

You’ll need to recompile the CSS code which you can do by going to Administration > Clear Template Cache.

I haven’t tested the PDF issue as we are yet to publish our first issue. However, I can confirm that reCaptcha is not visible in latest bootstrap 3 theme and current OJS version (3.0.1.) as of now.

I am reverting back to default theme.