Privacy Statement in OJS3


in OJS3 in first step of submission, there’s a header “Privacy Statement” and a text following: “The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.”

Where I can edit this text? Can it be journal-based or is it hard-coded in translation files?

Hi @szmigieldesign

That is a leftover from OJS 2.4.x: in OJS 2.4.x there was such a journal setting input field, but we removed it in OJS 3. We just forgot to remove it from that place in the code, but this will come with the next OJS release. In the meantime: you can change that text only in the DB table journal_settings, where setting_name = “privacyStatement”.


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so, where did the privacy settings go? Is there a dedicated field for it in OJS3?

Hi @szmigieldesign

We wanted to remove it totally, thus currently there is no such input field in OJS 3. But I’ve just realized that it is used/linked to on several other places in the code as well, so that it would probably make sense to have it i.e. to reintroduce it again. I’ll let you know what is the final decision on that, but for now, you can only change it in the DB.


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Just a note in case this helps anyone else who comes across this - once you edit the text directly in the DB, you should clear the data cache via the Site Administration → Administrative Functions menu in order to show the updated text.

Thanks @academicuser!

And also, now, e.g. in the current stable release OJS 3.1.1 the field “Privacy Statement” can be found under Settings > Workflow > Submission.


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Hi @bozana,
I think now in OJS 3.1.1-4 is disappear… I can’t find it, even when I click here:

Hmm, and what appears by the mentioned above path (Settings → Website → Submission)? I use OJS 3.1.1-4 and see this block under Submission Metadata. And also I don’t see in the code, privacy page template, the include statement for editLink that you are pointing.

OJS 3.1.1-4 included changes in privacy statement, maybe they are somehow related to your question. Have you seen the new config option on privacy statements?

thanks @Vitaliy,

Yes, I see the new option in the config and I am using: sitewide_privacy_statement = On
(because I have only one journal in this domain)

In Settings > Workflow > Submission I don’t see anything like Privacy Statement (I have this: Author Guidelines, Submission Preparation Checklist, Notification of Author Submission, and Submission Metadata)

what I am pointing is in the Submission information page, when I am login as admin I can see the Edit link, for example in one of my journals:

I think before the update I did able to edit this in Settings > Workflow > Submission, because the Link is to this place… I will try some things like turn Off the option of privacy in config file, but I not know why this could change the result…

I will keep you informed :wink:

OK, I change On to Off and Privacy statements appear, but now I do not understand… Where can I have a “site-wide Privacy Statement” how say in the config file?

thanks @Vitaliy

Actually @NateWr know this better.

Hi @t4x0n,

When sitewide_privacy_statement is On in the config file, each journal will not have it’s own privacy statement. Instead, you will only have a single entry for the privacy statement under Administration > Site Settings.

We were seeing the privacy statement in two places:

We were able to remove the second one
under Settings > Website > Navigation Menus.

Hope this helps someone in the same situation.


Thanks. Due to GDPR regulations privacy policy can be defined in a more structured and detailed way. It is not helpful if the same text is placed twice on the site. But, dedicated page/content with carefully crafted content can be helpful. Various documents and links to specific parts of that content from the parts of site related to readers, authors, section editors etc. can be helpful in guiding user to learn more about their rights.