Print on Demand

Does anyone know a good print on demand provider? For our journal, REGION, that we manage with OJS 3, we want to provide the following service option:

  1. readers can request a printed (on demand) version of an issue of the journal by clicking a button.
  2. the order goes to the PoD provider who requests the shipping address from the reader and provides s price estimate.
  3. The reader pays directly to the PoD provider via credit card.
    If the PoD provider offers an API, I can create the necessary software linking these elements. So far, I have only found providers that print books but don’t offer the integration, or offer the integration but do not print books (only t-shirts, mugs, etc.).

Gunther Maier
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna, Austria

Hi @gunthermaier could you find any solution? I am looking for the same thing.

Hi @miki_farman I just saw your question a minute ago. Sorry for that. YES, we did find a solution. We used, a book on demand provider in Germany. Their homepage is We used an option with international distribution. With that the books are available via Amazon and many other online bookstores. I do not know whether or not they also can operate in English. Their service, however, is top. Highly professional.