Print abstracts book from xml export (OCS)

Dear all

thanks again for the job !

What is the easiest way to get pdf abstracts book of all abstracts ?
Can I use XML export ?

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Hi @Charles,

I don’t know about the format you want to use in your abstract book, but you can definitely get the abstract of all papers using the native import/export tool for OCS, and yes, I think that’s the easy way to get what you want, although you would have to process the resulting XML file to get only the information you need and to present in the way you want.


@beghelli many thanks

do you know a program that could process xml export ?




Without knowing what’s the end result you expect, it’s a little difficult to point you to something. I would use PHP to process any XML file and to create the end result I want, but that would require some coding skills.

If you want a program to just open you XML and manually copy the data you want to put somewhere else, then you can do that in any text editor of your preference. But that’s too much work if you’re always doing that.

If it’s just this time, and if I didn’t knew how to program this, I would use any text editor to grab the data I want. But if it’s something I would use a lot, many times, I would try to learn how to automate the process. Maybe even building an OJS report plugin.