Previewing an article before it is published in 3.3.0-7

I have been informed that the Preview Article feature before publication is not available in I have followed the discussions at OJS 3.2.1 HTML Galleys for article previews - #3 by SSheplawy and Allow editors and editorial assistants to preview an article before it is published · Issue #5565 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

From what I am getting, is that this was added back in 3.2.1-1 and that the code used would be ported to 3.3. Can I confirm if this feature is already in 3.3 and if so how should be made available?


Hi @Nason_Bimbe,

It was merged into 3.2.1 stable branch and according to the comment released in 3.2.1-2. And yes, it’s available in 3.3 - preview for the current publication and for the specific version (right upper part of the screenshot).

Thank you so much @Vitaliy
We will check it out and update accordingly.