Prevent reviewers from being able to decline undertaking second round reviews

In the testing of OJS it appears that the following happens during reviews. (This was in 3.1.2-3 but we will be using 3.1.2-4):

  • If a reviewer advises the paper for revision, and the author re-submits a new revision:
  • It is currently possible for the reviewer to decline to review the second round.

We would like to have it configured so that the reviewer must either accept or reject the 2nd round. Rather than be able to decline it. (that is to say the decline button should not be visible).

If this is not a current feature, I feel like I might be able to pull this off as a plugin perhaps, if someone can give me an example plugin to work with.

Thanks so much for advice on this.


Has anyone else been able to look at this? We would like to make it so that reviewers cannot decline to review the second round of reviews. Thank you!


HI just bumping this again in case anyone has an option for reconfiguring the behavior this way. If I’m able to get a plugin to do this, I will try to arrange to share the code. Best regards!