Prerequisite skills for modifying a theme?

I’m running into the need to modify our journal’s theme, especially the HTML galley template, but don’t currently have the skill set to understand what I’m doing. I know basic HTML and CSS and want to learn whatever else would be necessary but don’t know enough to be able to recognize what learning would be relevant.

On there are several tutorials available. I believe the entire Responsive Web Design Certificate would be appropriate and the Sass tutorial under the Front End Libraries Certification, since I believe Sass is similar to LESS.

  • Are these tutorials appropriate?
  • Are there additional tutorials in the freecodecamp list that would also be necessary for me to learn?
  • Are there additional tutorials NOT on the freecodecamp list that would be necessary for me to learn?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide!

Hello @aszymczyk,

The amount of knowledge that you need to do theming may depend on how extensive you wish to get with your theming.
For theming, it is good to know HTML and CSS (as well as related technologies such as LESS and SASS). A basic understanding PHP and Javascript (and the smarty template language in particular), familiarity with REST APIs would also be good to have. Depending on the environment you’re operating within, and the extent to which you’re managing your own OJS Instance, familiarity with managing servers, using the command line, as well as Git/Github might be useful. There are a lot of great resources out there for learning these skills:

Some paid resources that come to mind are:


And some free resources:

Digital Ocean Tutorials are also a good resource, as well as, There are many others out there as well, and others with more theming experience may wish to weigh in with their suggestions.