Preparing to install OJS- how to

I have relatively often discussed with various editorial boards on using OJS for their editing and on-line publishing work. Different policy and technical questions always are asked. However, people often ask questions that belong to the way of thinking of primarily paper publishing and workflow. Consequently, it is needed to talk more often in several cycles or geeks would say iterations about uploading back issues, preparing for new, transition period, design of pages, connections with on line databases etc.
On the other side, I have feeling that hosting companies are not clear in their sales policy development what to do. For example, one prominent hosting company offers installation of OJS via software management script on shared hosting accounts, but they say that availability of pdftotext is available only on dedicated servers. So, even OJS with one journal only cannot use pdftotext.
Maybe it is good to write some sort of guide which will help those interested in on line publishing using OJS to be better prepared for such an effort.
I am willing to volunteer with someone if needed.

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We’re trying to get our documentation re-written into Gitbook format so that we can provide a single platform for both stand-alone and for embedded help and how-tos.

@stranack and @asmecher can help to connect you with this effort.

There will be a PKP Sprint in Montreal on April 24 and 25. We will have options for remote participants (I will be one of them). I’m pretty sure documentation will be a topic of interest.


please keep me informed. Maybe I can help :slight_smile: