Prepared emails not sent + impossible to post photos


After a first successful experience in 2010. I’m using again the OCS to manage the
annual meeting of a national learned society hosted again by my University.

This time, various bugs occur and I’m lacking of tech assistance due to budget

  1. it is impossible to download a simple jpg image on the homepage (or wherever);
    in 2010, I even had a little mp4 video on the homepage. The error message is as
    An Error Was Encountered
    Unable to load the requested language file: language/%7B/jbstrings_lang.php

  2. with a friend, we did several paper proposals to try out the system. I do get
    all messages of acknowledgement of receipt, paper acceptance, refusal, etc., sent
    to him but he doesn’t receive anything. It’s getting a bit annoying especially as
    I’m running late and the website should now be accesible to the membership of the

Thank you for a quick response!

About the second part of your question, @PBaker: We had a similar issue when only a few users would receive OJS mailings. It turned out that there was a server configuration issue. All mail to be sent to adresses in a different domain other than our own were not arriving. We changed the firewall settings so that php was allowed to send mails internet servers, to make things work. If your case is similar, you might need an admin to do that.