Prepared emails not sent + impossible to load images


After a first successful experience in 2010. I’m using again the OCS to manage the
annual meeting of a national learned society hosted again by my University.

This time, various bugs occur and I’m lacking of tech assistance due to budget

  1. it is impossible to download a simple jpg image on the homepage (or wherever);
    in 2010, I even had a little mp4 video on the homepage. The error message is as
    An Error Was Encountered
    Unable to load the requested language file: language/%7B/jbstrings_lang.php

  2. with a friend, we did several paper proposals to try out the system. I do get
    all messages of acknowledgement of receipt, paper acceptance, refusal, etc., sent
    to him but he doesn’t receive anything. It’s getting a bit annoying especially as
    I’m running late and the website should now be accesible to the membership of the

Thank you for a quick response!

Hi @PBaker,

Someone will respond to your other post:

Please don’t double-post; it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for saying. I had no clue there was a double post…