Prepared Email Templates, Notify User display Empty Message Body

Software: OMP

On the ‘Submission’ page of a manuscript, I am able to ‘notify’ Participants in the right-hand sidebar. This ‘notify’ allows me to choose a predefined message to use, or fill out the form below. When a predefined message is selected, the Subject Line is populated BUT the 'Message; is blank. It should not be blank, as it is a prepared email template text. I checked the source code view, and their was also no text or coding in message body.

I suspect this to be incorrect, that the message body should reflect that of the desired prepared email.

Could you kindly assist.

With thanks

Hi @tretief,

Did the email body field include rich text controls (e.g. buttons for Bold, Italic, etc.)? If not, perhaps there’s a problem with your TinyMCE plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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