Prefix "doi:" should not precede the URL

The Display guidelines for Crossref DOIs says that URLs of the form “should not be preceded by doi: or DOI:.” This is followed in, e.g., APA’s DOI Display Guidelines Update.

I’m seeing “DOI:…” in the article landing page and “doi:…” in the how to cite page.

Could you suggest ways to fix this, please?


Hi @fgnievinski

What OJS version do you use?

For OJS 2.4.8:
You would need to change it in the templates:
For article display, you would need to remove {$pubIdPlugin->getPubIdDisplayType()|escape}: from this line: ojs/article.tpl at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub. If you eventually also have DOIs for galleys then also from this line: ojs/article.tpl at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.
For APA: you would need to remove “doi:” from this line: ojs/citation.tpl at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.

I will also tag @NateWr, if we would like to follow these guidelines, or keep it the way we do it now, i.e. with “DOI:” ? – I do not know why one should not use it – I do not see the real meaning of the guidelines…


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Yeah I’m not totally convinced on the lack of labelling. I wonder if they’ve considered the accessibility implications of that guideline.

Still, I’ll cc @Vitaliy in on this so he can bring it to the theme team for discussion.

I think the point there is just not to use things like “DOI:10.1234/12345” which was the original guideline. Instead a full url should be used. (see DOI display guidelines - Crossref => “Why not use doi: or DOI:?”)

That said, I do not think that “DOI:” is a problem at least on the landing page. In APA case it is just a matter of following the updates of the guideline. I think that APA long had “DOI:10.1234/12345” format in the guideline.

Hi @fgnievinski
Your are talking about article’s reference list or article’s own DOI?

The article’s own doi.

How can I show the DOI web path in short DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6637764

instead of this like this DOI:

In this page

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OJS3 supports CSL styles:

So you’d have to find an existing citation style implementing your preference.

One way to do so is searching by example and typing “DOI: …”:

Here is a popular instance:

American Psychological Association 6th edition (“doi:” DOI prefix)

And here is the same style except it follows CrossRef’s recommended DOI citation format (bare URL, without prefix):

American Psychological Association 6th edition

Most citation styles do not implement both variants, e.g., APA 7th ed. is only avaialble without the prefix.

If needed, you can customize an existing style with the online editor:

Hope that helps.