Possible to disable OJS workflow elements?

I’m wondering if it is possible to disable certain elements of the workflow in OJS 3.1.2, specifically the review and copyedit stages. We are using OJS for our non-peer-reviewed bulletin. Our process is for an author to submit an article, the editor makes some basic formatting and then adds the galley for publication. While we have to currently skip through the the review and copyedit stages, it would be great to disable these all together.


Hi @aharmer,

Yes that is possible. But there is no need to disable review and copyediting stages. Just simply after you have done your changes go directly to the production phase. The journal manager role can do that, while section editors have to click twice to get a submission over review and copyediting (but do nothing, just forwarding it to next phase) to the production phase.

Regards, Primož

Maybe omp is more suitable for you than ojs… you can try the demo at

Thanks all for the replies, I didn’t realise journal managers were able to skip over the review and copyedit sections. Will give that a go as a solution for now.

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