Possible to create cross-year volume?

I’m working with another new journal that plans to publish two issues per academic year, with issue 1 published in the fall and issue 2 in the spring. So, volume 1 would be 2017-18. It does not seem possible, though, to represent this correctly in the journal setup in OJS 2.x. The year field only accepts a 4-digit entry. Am I missing something, or will I need to tell them that it’s not possible to publish a cross-year volume? Thanks!

Hi @hcorbett,

Yes, the year has to be an integer.


You can instruct OJS to use the Title for issue identification instead of using a volume/number/year combination.

Thanks, ctgraham - that’s a good suggestion for a workaround!

Sorry for resurrecting a really old thread, but this issue has come up for one of our journals that have previously published a few issues with dual volumes and years (“Vol. 12-13 (1995-1996)”), which obviously will not work in OJS.
It seems like this workaround could work for getting volume/years displayed properly, but I would like to know if it will affect the quality of metadata somehow. Can there be problems when harvesting/exporting for instance, that the volume numbers are not indexed properly?

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