Portico - with issue that is only a single PDF

I am trying to archive a journal that is created in OJS and available only as one full issue PDF. There is no table of contents, just the one PDF galley and a cover image.

It wont archive and when I try to export to manually archive it outputs a zip file that will not open (error says unsupported filetype)

When I choose the issue and click “deposit issues” i get this error:

League\Flysystem\Filesystem::writeStream expects argument #2 to be a valid resource.

We are using OJS

Should it be possible to archive this or are there minimum requirements that this issue is missing?

Thank you!

Hi @ckarpinski,

I’m not sure about the writeStream error – I wonder if it’s related to your system’s temporary file directory needing to be configured. (This is the sys_temp_dir setting in the PHP configuration.)

However, I can confirm that the Portico plugin doesn’t currently include “issue galleys” – that is, when the entire issue is uploaded as a single PDF. It only currently supports individual article deposits. When you use issue galleys, you essentially don’t have any metadata for the journal – the contributors, individual title abstracts, DOIs, etc.; I would strongly recommend adopting a workflow that includes individual article metadata and PDFs, and you’ll gain the utility of the Portico plugin in the bargain.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Ah this makes sense, thank you!