Portico Plugin Zip files on Server

In using the Portico Plugin ‘FTP Transfer’ functionality, the zip files are sent to Portico. However, this zip file is written to the installation on the server. And these zip files remains on the server accumulating with every export.

In having fairly large journals, this zip files are taking space on the server. Could a functionality be built into the plugin whereby after it send the FTP transfer that it removes/parse the zip file created on the journal server?

Hi @tretief,

You mean the temporary files written to the OJS server, correct? That’s something I’ve seen as well, and we can look into it. I’m actually the developer/maintainer for that plugin, and I’ve created an issue regarding this here: Clean up zip files on journal server post-FTP · Issue #5 · jmacgreg/portico · GitHub. Please feel free to add yourself to that issue to receive updates.


Hi @jmacgreg
Indeed correct, I have added myself to the issue on GitHub. Thanks, for your efforts and happy to read that you could confirm this on your side. We are thankful for this plugin. Cheers, Trudie