Plumx sushi lite ojs3

I have plumX widget active and sushi-lite plugin working too but in article webs only shows social counter. article downloads and abstract reads is not showing.

Anyone knows how to setup for showing?

Thanks in advance

You must contact support of plumx . If you install without notice to plumx, your plugin not work

I have already contacted with plumx support and send them oai and sushi lite urls (in July)

They told me everything is ok. But my plugins still not working correctly :sweat:

Any ideas?

would you like to show your URL?

Of course! :smiley:

You could check our journal here:

As always, Thanks!

Have you been able to resolve this issue? I’m running into a similar one, as well.

Looking at the /sushiLite URL on your journal, it looks like the plugin might not be compatible with the OJS version. Are you running OJS-3.3?

@ctgraham, do you know if Sushi-Lite v1.7 is compatible with OJS 3.3?

Thank you!

Hi, @ezheng,

At this time, we have only tested the SUSHI-Lite plugin with 3.2 and earlier. We have a current project to certify Pitt ULS plugins with 3.3 and later, but I don’t have a firm timeline on when that will be finished.

The error page you point to, however, is describing that the URL needs more parameters. It is not describing a plugin error. For example, the following URL returns as expected:

If you do encounter incompatibility errors please feel free to report them in the Community Forum, or in GitHub Issues.

Thanks so much, @ctgraham! We’re only running SUSHI-Lite on 1 journal, but your test URL seemed to be working okay there (we upgraded to 3.3 yesterday).