Plugin PKP PN - Url assigned in the deposit is wrong

Hello guys,

We are having a problem when submitting issues to the preservation network.
When looking at the onix.csv our files have been deposited, but the base journal URL is wrong.

What I mean by this is, should instead be
Is it possible to change the url from OJS side?



Hi @heav,

The URL is updated whenever your journal contacts the PKP Preservation Network, so depending from where the request was triggered, you might get a different URL.

Other users had problems with this (e.g. using a test domain to upgrade and check new OJS versions), so I’ve created a GitHub to address it: Test journals can overwrite information in the PKP PN server · Issue #22 · pkp/pln · GitHub

I’ve just checked and the URLs are already updated, so I didn’t need to do anything on my end :slight_smile:


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