Plugin for Multiple Articles Upload


I am using OJS Now, we have 5000 article which needs to be uploaded. The fastest way known to me is through the Quick Submit Button.

Is there any way else more faster than this. or any plugin.


Have a look at GitHub - ajnyga/tsvConverter: Excel to OJS3 XML conversion tool

Hi @a2usmani,

For an import of that size, you may want to try doing it bit-by-bit using the Native XML import:

It would take some time to develop the XML file, but it would likely be faster than the QuickSubmit. Also, you may want to have a look at this tool, which could help to develop your NativeXML:

PKP Team

Thankyou for your input guys. I have 5000 pdf/doc/docx files which needs to be uploaded in OJS.
Will the above methods work?

Yes, the above methods should work (although I’ve not tried them). Both help you to create Native XML files for import with the embedded pdf/doc/docx files.
The biggest task for you will be to bring the metadata into Excel CSV or TSV format. Then run the conversion method to create the Native XML import files.
Once you have the Native XML import file (the best is to have 1 file per journal issue), it is easy to import those using the command line import (tools/importexport.php) via a small shell script.
Be sure to test the conversion and import first on a test installation of OJS.

If you already have the metadata in an XML format, you can also convert it to OJS Native XML using a mixture of PHP (for base64 encoding of the Word and PDF files) and XSLT. This, however, requires experience in programming in these two languages. This was the way I had imported a journal with more than 6000 articles, distributed over two platforms. (Disclaimer: don’t PM me, I won’t be available for such a task).

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