Plugin convert to xml and html articles


My version OJS is

I need to know how I can convert published articles and those that are going to be published, that appear in formats to visualize as html and xml. I await your proposals.

Hi @gardbeat,

There is a good article on this matter:

Hi @Vitaliy.

Very friendly for the documentation. But I only see, convert the articles to xml. How could I also convert published articles to HTML so that they can be viewed on the web? I look forward to it.

Hi @gardbeat,

You can look at the 2 plugins: Lens Viewer Plugin and JATS Parser Plugin. They both convert JATS XML into HTML.

Hi @Vitaliy,

Do you have an operation manual for any of the plugins you indicate?

JATS Parser Plugin: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin: OJS3 Plugin for parsing JATS XML and displaying it on article detail page. There is also an example. Works with PHP 7.2 or higher.