Plugin already installed, and is newer than the version available in the gallery. Error

Describe the issue or problem
It is showing that upgrade is available but when I try to upgrade there is notification pop up that “Plugin already installed, and is newer than the version available in the gallery”.(This error is for every plugin I am using.) Further Some plugins are already installed but not visible in plugin section.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-4

Additional information

Hi @Shivam_Tripathi_KS,

For these plugins that you are trying to upgrade, do you know if they were first installed through the plugin gallery? Or by some other means?

PKP Team

Yes they all are uploaded through plugin gallery.

Dear sir,

Kindly help on this issue.

Hi @Shivam_Tripathi_KS,

Sorry - I’m not sure what exactly to suggest here. Others may have to comment and provide suggestions.

PKP team

Kindly give some solution this problem occurs after upgrading OJS version.

Also some plugin are installed but not visible in installed plugin gallery.

In my case, I removed the plugin related version from the database version table and uploaded the plugin to the server via the Upload tab or manually.

Can you guide me to do that?

There are two options that I have tried.

  1. Place the plugin directly into the corresponding plugin folder.
  2. Backup the DB, find in the version table of the corresponding plugin version and delete it.

Thank you for the response.