PLN Plugin error: unknown processing state harvest-error

In my scheduledTaskLogs dir, I keep seeing this error for a particular journal in the PKPPLNDepositorTask logs:
Deposit 84 has unknown processing state harvest-error

Harvest-error usually indicates that the file could not be found or that the web server prevented it from being downloaded.

When you look at the deposit status page, do you have other deposits that have successfully completed?

If you provide the journal URL, I’ll look in the processing system to see if I can find more information.

59 PM

No deposits from this journal successfully completed, but other journals on the same instance/server have sucsessfully completed transfers.

Thanks for the insight…

Interesting. In our system, that journal has URL Do you know why that is?

I’m looking into that…

What about some of these other URLS:

I don’t see either of them in our system.

When you say our system, do you mean PLN?

More or less. We have a complex three stage processessing system. I can’t find either of those journals in the first stage of the system. If you send me the UUIDs from the PLN Settings pages for those journals I can double check.

Don’t worry about those journals. I’m more concerned with the harvest-error i’m getting. do you think that’s a vhost/server issue on our end?

That’s possible. When the journal first contacted us, it reported its URL as I don’t know about your setup, but you can configure the URL in the file. If you’re hosting multiple journals in one OJS install, that can get a bit complicated.

I know @ctgraham had an issue like this earlier this year. Clinton, what did you do to solve it?

Our systems tried to fetch your downloads again today, and encountered some errors. Service unavailable errors are usually caused by configuration errors or other web server problems. The Not found error is probably related to it. I think they’re both related to the vhosts issue discussed above.

[2017-09-14 00:05:09] processing.CRITICAL: 503 Service Unavailable  
[2017-09-14 00:05:09] processing.ERROR: Server error response [url] [status code] 503 [reason phrase] Service Unavailable  
[2017-09-14 00:05:09] processing.CRITICAL: 404 Not Found  
[2017-09-14 00:05:09] processing.ERROR: Client error response [url] http://localhost/revistas/eav/pln/deposits/56C9F8FF-FD79-43C2-8E35-FB89A7802ADD [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found

I just noticed this morning that in:

Where in the pln Class does this data get constructed?

For OJS, the relevant lines are in 146 to 147:

		$pkpJournalUrl = $this->_generateElement($atom, 'pkp:journal_url', $journal->getUrl(), '');

Similar code is used in line 524 of

	'Journal-URL: '.$journal->getUrl(),`

I attempted manually changing the URLs in /uploads/journals/16/pln/hash/hash.xml file. I’m still getting the unknown harvest error… have you been getting any different errors in your logs?

Changing the URLs in that file will not have any affect. Your journal is still reporting the incorrect domain name.

To fix the error, you must correct the configuration problem first. Once you’ve done that, let me know. I’ll remove your journal and deposit notifications from our systems and your journal can start over.

I added this to the
base_url[BHAC] =
can we give that a shot?

Ok. I’ve removed all traces of your journal from our systems. Please reset your deposit and wait a few days to see what happens.

Looks like we were able to fetch your deposit package. It should be done processing in a day or two.

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Thanks for guidance on this issue.