PLN not accepting deposit

Hi, we use ojs 3.1.2 and we have enable pln plugin but any deposit done. the id of the journal is 36B18389-7723-465B-93DE-DB3FCCC6C34D

Any idea?


Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce!

Before we continue, please ensure you pass through this initial assessment:

  • PKP PN plugin must be enabled
  • At least one ISSN must be defined
  • You should have agreed with the service terms (accessible through the plugin settings).
  • The scheduled tasks must be running every day (here’s some documentation
  • The communication with the domain shouldn’t be blocked (if you’re protecting your site with a service such as the Cloudflare firewall, you’ll need to set it up to always accept requests from this domain)

If everything is fine until here, then probably an error must be happening in your installation.

Checking for errors

The plugin works through a scheduled task, and generates a log file every time it runs.
You must be able to view these logs in the directory ${files_dir}/scheduledTaskLogs (the location of the files_dir is configured in the file /, all the files related to the plugin begin with the name PKPPLNDepositorTask and end with a date stamp.

Can you see such files? If not, the plugin isn’t running as it should.

If yes, please share with us:

  • The latest log file
  • Error messages from your server’s error log, which happened in the same time frame of the task execution.


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All this points are correct, but no deposit, scheduledTask are running
One log
[root@revistas scheduledTaskLogs]# cat PKPPNDepositorTask-62b87cbb85e8e-20220626.log
[2022-06-26 17:35:23]
[2022-06-26 17:35:23] [NotificaciĂłn] Se ha iniciado la tarea.
[2022-06-26 17:35:23] [NotificaciĂłn] PLN Depositor executeActions started
[2022-06-26 17:35:23] [NotificaciĂłn] Depositor processing for Investigaciones Sobre Lectura.
[2022-06-26 17:35:23] [NotificaciĂłn] Getting service document.
[2022-06-26 17:35:24] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing deposit status updates.
[2022-06-26 17:35:24] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing updated content.
[2022-06-26 17:35:24] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing new content.
[2022-06-26 17:35:24] [NotificaciĂłn] Packaging content for deposit.
[2022-06-26 17:35:24] [NotificaciĂłn] Trying package deposit 90 (Issue: 732) (Local Status: [Nuevo], Processing Status: [Desconocido], Lockss Status: [Desconocido])

Any idea?



The log that you sent is incomplete, there should be a Task process stopped. in the end of the file, which means an error probably is breaking the process.

Can you share with me the error messages from your server that happened around the same time (2022-06-26 17:35:24). If the log for this whole day isn’t huge, it’s ok to send too, just to avoid missing entries due to time zone misconfigurations :grin:



[Sun Jun 26 17:35:24.681029 2022] [php7:notice] [pid 30086] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: export_deposit_error in /var/www/html/ojsuma/plugins/generic/pln/classes/ on line 146

This is the entry log

I add this to database ALTER TABLE pln_deposits ADD export_deposit_error VARCHAR(1000) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER date_modified;

And re run scheduled task, but no error saved



The task is supposed to run once per day, so in order to “deceive” it and run again in a shorter period of time, you’ll have to set the last executed date to somewhere in the past, this should be enough:

UPDATE scheduled_tasks SET last_run = '2000-01-01' WHERE class_name = 'plugins.generic.pln.classes.tasks.Depositor'

Once you do it and run again the task, let me know if it works, or if you can spot any other error…

p.s.: I also recommend you to get your OJS upgraded to 3.3 :slight_smile:

The log is the same
[2022-06-28 15:26:18]
[2022-06-28 15:26:18] [Notice] Task process started.
[2022-06-28 15:26:18] [Notice] PLN Depositor executeActions started
[2022-06-28 15:26:18] [Notice] Depositor processing for Investigaciones Sobre Lectura.
[2022-06-28 15:26:18] [Notice] Getting service document.
[2022-06-28 15:26:19] [Notice] Processing deposit status updates.
[2022-06-28 15:26:19] [Notice] Processing updated content.
[2022-06-28 15:26:19] [Notice] Processing new content.
[2022-06-28 15:26:19] [Notice] Packaging content for deposit.
[2022-06-28 15:26:19] [Notice] Trying package deposit 90 (Issue: 732) (Local Status: [New], Processing Status: [Unknown], Lockss Status: [Unknown])

But now there is not error on logs

Any idea ?

Without clues, it’s tough to guess what’s happening :slight_smile:

But I guess the native import/export plugin (this plugin is used to generated the preserved content) is failing and “swallowing” the errors (this has been improved in recent versions of OJS).

Was your installation updated from an OJS 2.x version? If yes, I’ve seen one common issue happening in the wild.

If this statement returns something, then you’re a victim:
SELECT * FROM submission_files WHERE file_stage IN (7, 8)

The fix would be to run (before running, better to know what you’re doing/fixing by reading this issue Fair Copy files not migrated when upgrading from OJS 2 to 3 · Issue #7470 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub):
UPDATE submission_files SET file_stage = 6 WHERE file_stage = 7;
UPDATE submission_files SET file_stage = 9 WHERE file_stage = 8;



I done the update on database and rerun de scheduled tasks but the result is the same
[2022-06-30 13:38:30]
[2022-06-30 13:38:30] [NotificaciĂłn] Se ha iniciado la tarea.
[2022-06-30 13:38:30] [NotificaciĂłn] PLN Depositor executeActions started
[2022-06-30 13:38:30] [NotificaciĂłn] Depositor processing for Investigaciones Sobre Lectura.
[2022-06-30 13:38:30] [NotificaciĂłn] Getting service document.
[2022-06-30 13:38:31] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing deposit status updates.
[2022-06-30 13:38:31] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing updated content.
[2022-06-30 13:38:31] [NotificaciĂłn] Processing new content.
[2022-06-30 13:38:31] [NotificaciĂłn] Packaging content for deposit.
[2022-06-30 13:38:31] [NotificaciĂłn] Trying package deposit 90 (Issue: 732) (Local Status: [Nuevo], Processing Status: [Desconocido], Lockss Status: [Desconocido])


Hmm, as there’s no errors in the log, let’s try to decrease the surface.

Please, use the native import export plugin at Tools > Native XML Plugin > Export Issues, to export the issue which is failing (ID 732).

If it works, then the problem must be in the plugin.


The issue 732 exports correctly.

ÂżThe only way is update or the plugin pln must be repared?


I think you’re already using the latest plugin (2.0.1-1) which is available for your OJS version (3.1.2).

Did you install the plugin manually or through the plugin gallery? If it was manually, perhaps you missed a required step (to run composer install in the plugin folder).

If not, please, check if you have this folder ${files_dir}/journals/${ID of your journal}/pln and that it has enough permissions (this is where the plugin will leave the deposits), it should be created automatically, so if it doesn’t exist, maybe there’s a permission problem…

p.s.: As a notice, we’re only actively supporting OJS >= 3.3.0 (which is a long term support release:, so it’s better to get your installation updated to it.



The problem may be de plugin. At this moment is not possible to update to 3.3


I think yes. Did you check the two things that I said? :slight_smile:


Yes I check the two things and are correct

Thnks for your help

Unfortunately I’m out of ideas, without an error, it’s difficult to guess what’s happening. I would need to debug the code locally using a backup.

If you have some experience with coding, I can say this is the last line that I’m sure your system is reaching, after that, I don’t know where it could be stopping: pln/ at 2749c0f152c54eb74a6a273259d82a55704d202d · pkp/pln · GitHub

This file will be located at plugins/generic/pln/classes/


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