Please can someone help me with any of these issues?

  1. issue 2 doesn’t show pdf buttons or connect to articles.
  2. Table of Contents is disordered. It is ordered in Galleys but not in the ToC for the Issue. The sections jump around and will not save in the correct order. EG, Revivals section should be the second section but is the first.
  3. i can’t institute recaptcha and am spammed by hundreds of fictitious names.
  4. can’t get dois to work. crossref say its ojs. tried lots of things.
  5. how stop ojs announcing to subscribers when new issue is published when it then has problems?


I see that you are using 3.0.2 which is very old. The latest version is

  1. I can see the pdf button in issue 2, did you fix this?
  2. This was an issue in 3.0.2, fixed in later releases
  3. I need details of what you have tried?
  4. Again, need details what you have done so far. Is DOI plugin enabled? Are all details filled in the plugin? Is crossref plugin enabled? Are all crossref crecendials filled in? Are you using automatic registration and if you are, do you have scheduled tasks enabled?
  5. This is fixed in later releases, currently you can choose if you want to send an announcement for a new issue.