Plagiarism Plugin creates Multiple Folders for the same Submission

Application Version - OJS

Description of issue: I have activated the plagiarism plugin with iThenticate credentials in the config file. When the manuscript is submitted, multiple folders for the same submission are created with the same files in all the folders. For example, as seen in the screenshot, there were 8 folders created for Submission 1042, which had 5 files in each folder. It resulted in using up 40 iThenticate Document credits!

I had disabled the Cloudflare proxy, but the problem still persists. As per our journal submission guidelines, we ask the authors to upload the figures/graphs as png or jpeg files, and other files such as score reports or IRB confirmations in PDF at the time of submission. Is there a way to only limit the “Article Text” or Docx files to be sent to iThenticate? I think it will be awesome if there is an option in the “blue dropdown extras arrow menu” to select a specific file in the “Submission Files” section in the Workflow > Submission tab and send it to iThenticate. I know these are feature requests separate from the main issue; I didn’t want to create multiple topics.

Hi @asmecher please help to resolve this issue?


Hi @talknshare,

See: Plugin puts submission files for one submission in multiple folders · Issue #3 · asmecher/plagiarism · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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The plugin works fine after applying the patch. Thank you so much, @asmecher!