PKP PN plugin say installed in Galley but missing in Installed Plugins?

Hi all,

we have OJS 3.1.2, I wanted to check if we have PKP PN, on the Plugin Gallery after searching it says installed and can be updated, but when I search it in Installed Plugins it is missing?!

@asmecher can you assist? also /plugins/generic/pln folder is missing (I created on but nothing changed)

Additionally I found the tab Archiving but when clicking on enable plugin it refreshes and the checkbox revert to unclicked:

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 13.07.03

Also I see in Plugin Gallery:

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 16.43.22

I also noticed that in every plugin in Gallery when i click one, there is missing Install buton!

Hi @vebaev!

That sounds strange, you should have the folder plugins/generic/pln. Perhaps you had permission issues while installing the plugin (in order to use the plugin gallery, the plugins folder must have write permission).

As it doesn’t appear in the list of installed plugins, you can remove the folder that you created, and delete the plugin from the database by running this query:
delete from versions where product_type = 'plugins.generic' and product = 'pln'

Then try to install it again, and check if there’s something interesting in your error log (if it fails again).


Hi @jonasraoni,

I nothing helped, so we updated OJS to the latest version, and the plugin works!

I have agree with the terms in the settings of the plugin, but in the status says “Network Status: The PKP PLN does not know about this journal yet.”

What I’m I supposed to do?

Also there is some serial number of the journal in the settings.


This message will change once the server attempts to access your journal and receive a positive answer, then the deposits should happen automatically (if you don’t have any other issue there).

I think this process (check if your journal is accessible) should happen automatically once you accept the terms, but it’s taking a long time… I’ll investigate this soon, so for now, feel free to send me your journal URL or the serial number that you saw, and I’ll enable it manually on our side.