PKP PN not working properly

Hi! I’m having issues with my PKP PN plugin. My OJS has 11 journals, and only one journal is showing this in the plugin “status”:


the other journals are looking like this:


The schedule task is running every morning at 1:30 as shown by my database:

However, my ${files_dir}/scheduledTaskLogs/ doesn’t have any log for this task, also, there is no error in my php error logs about this.

All my Journals have an ISSN, the plugin is enabled in every single one and we’ve agreed with the service terms of the plugin.

Here is my Journal’s URL:

I’m running OJS and the plugin is updated:

¿Do you know what could be happening?


All of your journals are registered into the PKP PN, but just one of them has contacted the server lately (, the others just attempted to connect around 2021. None of them have deposits.

It’s difficult to say what’s happening without a log, I’d say the execution of the task is failing and for some reason you have no errors in your log (maybe a server configuration issue?).

The log files for the PKPPNDepositorTask should exist :frowning: