PKP PN: impossible to deposit most of our issues


We are encountering issues to deposit issues to PKP PN.

Describe the issue or problem
We are trying to deposit our issues on PKP PN but except for a few of them, they are all in error :

Same when trying to resubmit the issues in error.

But some of them were deposited without error:

Steps I took leading up to the issue
For example:

  1. Activite and set up PKP PN plugin
  2. Try to deposit issues

What application are you using?

  • OJS
  • PKP|PN (PKP Preservation Network) Plugin v 3.0.0

Additional information
The logs provided by our host:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks for the logs @Gavy!

I see there’s a problem on the plugin when running under MariaDB, but it’s not critical (it’s happening at the last step, when the plugin already processed everything, and is just trying to do a cleanup), I’ll get it fixed, but that’s not going to address your problem.

In order to understand what’s happening, I’ll need you to change some things in the code, which will add more details about where the problem is happening. If you’re not very interested on that, then you can wait for the next minor release (3.4.0-5), which is coming soon and these better messages will be already included.

FYI, the other messages in the log should also disappear after upgrading to 3.4.0-5.

Jonas Raoni

Hi team.
I have a question about security from pkp what is the range ip from pkp ojs and pkp pn for setup in the firewall from the university because now we have a problem with the port 80 is closed. We need a setup for any exceptions for example OJS . so I need identify the range ip from pkp and any services from ojs in the version than we have in the journal site.


Can you whitelist the IP using a hostname? If yes, then use this, it will keep things working in case we change something in the network (that’s likely to happen soon).
If not, for now this is the IP:

Jonas Raoni

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Thanks some much jonas ! really I am appreciate.

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