PKP PN Failing due to Missing Metadata

I’ve noticed that some of our journal issues are missing from the Keeper’s registry. I had initially hoped that this would be solved when we upgraded to OJS 3, and then when we migrated to PKP’s hosting service, but it did not.

When I reached out to PKP support, they let me know that there’s an XML check that happens before articles/issues are sent for preservation and that, if certain metadata is missing, the whole issue will fail to send. They could not provide me with a list of the required metadata, but invited me to look at the code in Git Hub to determine what fields are necessary. Then, we would need to look at error logs to compare the metadata, determine what is missing, unpublish any affected article, add the metadata, and republish it to fix the issue and get it to send.

Has anyone run into this situation? How have you handled fixing these issues? Have any of you already tackled this and created a list of the required metadata?

We are using OJS

Additional information:
Example of failing issue:

Click “Issues”, find that particular one, and then click “Export” down at the bottom. If you successfully download an XML file, you’re golden. If you get a white screen full of weird XML errors, you’ll have an idea of what’s up. You can be quite granular, and on the Articles tab you can try exporting an article out of an issue to narrow down which one is failing.

Hi @Johanna,

Older OJS applications had different requirements from the newer versions, and these problems might be related to that. To fix them, someone with technical skill will have to take a look and address the incompatibilities, and with some feedback, we might integrate some of the fixes into the current versions.

Jonas Raoni