PKP PLN status: Unknown


I set one of our journals to use PKP PLN a few weeks ago, and it still hasn’t finished processing. How long should that take?

Our identifier is 17DBE1C5-E800-4C85-AA86-004F5CE8079B

PKP PLN Plugin   Status

Hello @luizborges.

Your journal has made 77 deposits. When we try to download them, your journal is reporting HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error and not giving us any details.

Your webserver logs should have some entries for this URL:

If you can find the error messages in your logs, we can figure out what the problem is.

It is complaing about mime magic, wasn’t that deprecated?

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type() in /usr/home/seer/public_html/plugins/generic/pln/pages/ on line 66

It was incorrectly marked as deprecated in the PHP manual for a little while. StackOverflow has a little more information. The documentation has a little more info on installing/enabling Fileinfo.

Thanks, it is working now.
Hopefully the download will proceed without any more hiccups.

Hi @luizborges. I checked a couple of downloads manually and they seem fine. Our systems should start downloading and processing them soon.

Almost all of your 77 deposits have made it into the PLN. At least one is taking a bit longer, and that’s totally normal.

Thanks, I’m monitoring those and happy with the results. The one that is missing is because I clicked Reset on it.

BTW: What the PLN archiving entails, I heard of LOCKSS before, I understand what it is. But what it actually means to archive my journals with LOCKSS, would they be accessible from anywhere else? Would I be able to recover my journals if something bad happens? If so, how?

You can read more about the PLN here:

Maybe @mjordan can answer your specific questions.

Hi @luizborges,

The PKP PLN preserves the native OJS issue-level XML. A journal only becomes accessible once it has been “triggered” (the details of which are on the page that @mjoyce pointed to). We have not triggered any of the 570+ journals in the PLN yet. Once a journal has been triggered, we will extract the content from the PLN and load it into an OJS instance hosted by PKP for access by the reading public.

On your question “Would I be able to recover my journals if something bad happens?”, the answer is no. The PKP PLN is not a cloud backup service, it is a long-term digital preservation service. We do not intend to provide journal managers with a copy of their data on request. It is your responsibility to maintain working and tested backups of your data.

Thanks, we do have backups (on and off site), but I all honesty I didn’t understand (and it is still cloudy) what is the purpose of PLN. Supposing my journal went offline and triggered the conditions to be accessible, PLN would have the XML issue information, but no actuall content of the articles, just titles, abstract and author information. Is that correct? Or does it indeed have all public PDF information.

So far none of journals in PLN have been triggered?

@luizborges it has all the issue content - article and issue metadata, article galley files (HTML and PDF), and any other embedded image files. It is able to reconstruct the issue completely (the native XML is commonly used for migrating journals from other platforms to OJS). The PLN also collects some basic information about the journal, but the it does not collect any content outside of issues, e.g., the theme, branding, custom journal pages, blocks, etc.

Correct, we haven’t triggered any journals to date.

The purpose of the PLN is not to help restore journals that have had a routine hardware failure or that have been hacked (that’s what local backups are for) but to make accessible again journals that have permanently ceased to be available to their readers. To be proactively prepared to do that, we collect and maintain (through a geographically distibuted network of partners) a reliable copy of last resort of the journal content. If a journal registered with the PLN disappears permanently from the web, and PKP cannot contact the email address who registered the journal with the PLN to confirm what happened, PKP will be able to restore the preserved content and make it available to the reading public.

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