PKP PLN, EU and data privacy

I actually just found the answer, feel free to remove this altogether

Would you consider reverting your question to its original form and posting the answer your found here? That can help others find the answer as well.


Sorry, sure.

I actually sent this question via email to couple of PKP employees around August, but never got an answer. I happened to stumble upon the emails today and decided to post the question here:

“What I would like to know is that how does the PKP PLN relate to the Safe Harbor agreement (or the lack of it)? As you probably know the European Court of Justice has declared the Safe Harbor agreement between EU and the US invalid. Basically this means, if I understand correctly, that we can not send any data containing personal information from EU (Finland) to the US without the persons permission. I am far from an expert in international data privacy laws, so do let me know if I have understood incorrectly. Has this question come up when discussing the details of PKP PLN?”

However, right after posting that I started to google and found out that there is a replacing agreement: EU–US Privacy Shield - Wikipedia

Actually, if someone knows more about the issue, go ahead.

I just want to make sure that I can tell our journals to use PKP PLN without any problems.

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