PKP PLN deposits get stuck on transferred

Hello everyone and @mjoyce

I´m trying to deposit the issues of a Journal with the OJS plugin, but it gets stucked in “transferred” and unknown status. We use OJS

The ID is C7BA68D7-A320-4C35-B191-9B9FC19559D5 and the journal is Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual Penal (

Thank you very much for any help and for your attention.
Best regards,
Vinicius Vasconcellos

Hello @vgomesv.

When the PLN tries to get your deposits, the server responds with

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type() in /home/ibraspp/ on line 66

This is a known bug in the plugin in OJS that was corrected in either If you upgrade to and reset your three deposits then it should work.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 222208
Hello @mjoyce
Maybe I have a similar problem, I have a check on the list of the journal issue, 2 of our journal issue not stored. ( I have repeated reset but is still the same status. Can you check?

Hi @dodi1985,

This quite an older post and may not be being actively monitored. Can you create a new post with your question/issue, please? You can link back to this post as well. And please indicate the version of the PKP PN plugin and your OJS version, please.

The PKP PN has changed a fair bit since this post, so you may want to check out our documentation here: PKP Preservation Network

Thank you,

PKP Team