Piwik plugin for OJS systemwide?

I’ve installed Piwik plugin for OJS and enabled it as the system administrator.
Now it’s possible to enable it onto each journal and set it up to track that specific journal.
But what I want, besides if journal managers use it or not, is to get analytics of the system widely for statistical usage.
As administrator, at Administration>Site settings>Plugins> Piwik plugin (enabled) I only see Delete or Upgrade options, but not any Settings.
Is it possible with the plugin or I should just insert JS Piwik code at the header template?

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Hi everyone,

is there any news on this or has it been answered somewhere else? Or might this have already been tackled in the release for OJS 3.1.2?

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I just inserted the JS code generated by Piwik at the header, as in any other site.
Didn’t try the plugin since then, though.

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