PHP problem OJS upgrade

I am trying to upgrade to 3.2 via Softaculous, but I get the error “Required PHP version greater than equal to 7.2.0 AND found version is : 7.1.30”. However, I checked, and my website is running PHP 7.2 version…

Hi @filipi,

Can you explain in more details how are you checking PHP version your OJS installation is running on?

Hi, thanks for your reply. In CPanel, there is a tab “PHP selector”, when I enter there I see all my websites have version 7.2


I’m not familiar with Softaculous but if the upgrade is done from a command line, php cli version should also be >= 7.2.0. PHP that is used from the command line differs from that that runs from apache. Can you check this?

Hi, I contacted my hosting provider,

They said “The hook file was updated for PHP version 7.1.30. We have updated it to PHP 7.2.0.”

After this I was able to update normally…

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