Phone Field under Contact Webpage not visible as the Color is set to white when applying Bootstrap theme

Hi All,

I am using OJS version. I have enabled bootstrap themes for my journals. Actually, when navigating to the contact page the “Phone” field is not visible as the color is being set to white. Here is the link to the journal’s contact page: Contact | Oklahoma Water Resources Center

I did the inspect element and got to know this (please see the attached image).


It is visible when using the default OJS theme. Could anyone please help me with how to change it? Thanks in advance.

Hi @nikhilmotwani,

What version of the bootstrap theme plugin are you using? If it’s not up-to-date, you could try updating it and see if this has since been corrected.

If that doesn’t fix it, you could create a small css customization targeting this element and change its colour.You would upload it under Settings → Website → Appearance → Advanced → Journal Style Sheet.


PKP Team