Persian ojs3 - how to change ojs3 to rtl design

question about design ojs 3 and solution for change direction to rtl

i installed a ojs3 for iranian univercitys
and i can change direction to rtl on submissions page
but i dont can change direction and add css to other page . for example login page

please give me a solution
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @amirhosein,

if you want to only switch some of the pages to RTL, you’d have to dig deeper into the HTML structure and edit your CSS accordingly. If you want to change every page to RTL, please have a look at lib/pkp/styles/rtl.css - this is the CSS file used for an Arabic locale right now, turning everything to RTL orientation.

Good luck,

Hi @mtub
Thank you for your answer

I want when i change my locate frome english to persian , changing css file too

I edited locate.xml on registry folder and add a css file to fa_ir part , but this work just work on submissions page
More page style cant change with this work

@asmecher, @NateWr - do you have any idea?

Hi all,

@amirhosein, try finding this area, near line 185, in lib/pkp/classes/template/

// If there's a locale-specific stylesheet, add it.
if (($localeStyleSheet = AppLocale::getLocaleStyleSheet($locale)) != null) {
        $this->_request->getBaseUrl() . '/' . $localeStyleSheet,
            'contexts' => 'backend',

In this, try changing…

    'contexts' => 'backend',


    'contexts' => array('frontend', 'backend'),

Let me know if that improves things.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher thank a milion <3

Hi @amirhosein,

Thanks – I’ve committed this for inclusion in our next release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi dear
Thank you for your last guids

I have a question
When i changed my language from En to persian , title of menu not translate and for example show ##navigation.arcive##

Please give me a solution

The hash marks surrounding a locale key indicate that key has not be translated in the selected locale. See:

hi @ctgraham
thank you

again me :grinning:
when i change language on ojs 3 , in my site has url
when i clicked on button of make submission
in this page ارسال شده | مجله دانشکده دندانپزشکی اصفهان on persian language
make a new submission and view your pending submissions don’t show for me…

can you help me?