PDFs won't open

PDFs of the articles previously opened fine, but now I receive an error message:

www.journals.ac.za refused to connect

.However, when I click on the Download button in the top right corner, the PDF does download. B[ut it no longer displays on screen.
Please see: https://www.journals.ac.za/jlt/index

Which version of OJS are you using?

Can you check if the “PDF.JS PDF Viewer” plugin is active?

I see we use Open Journal Systems". I also checked under available plugins: the PDF.JS PDF Viewer” plugin box is ticked, so I presume it is active …
Any other suggestions?
Thanks so much for your answer.

Can you check the error log on your server for the domain that used by the OJS?

I will ask our IT team to check this out and revert. Thanks again!

You are using an old version. I also suggest you to update.

I think the problem is not in php or in the resource file, but in the website security settings (apache? ngnix?).

If I visit the pdf page of your journal (on Firefox) and I read the browser console, it shows a Content Security Policy warning. It says that page settings “frame-ancestors” blocked the resources loading.

I can’t help you more than this because I have zero knowledge in that field, but at least I pointed the way :slight_smile:

Good luck

This may be helpful! I will send this to our IT team.

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