Pdf not visible after upgrade to 3.0.2 version

As I wrote in title, I have problem to see PDF files after upgrade to 3.0.2.

I see every similar topic but the problem still exist.

Permission on folder and files are right, the files_dir path is ok, I contacted my provider for extra confirm, and they say that there ins’t problem on server.
I try also to change upload folder name and change his position but nothing.

It seems that the url file is not correct.

The files are stored in a similar address


and when I click on pdf button i see this link


In one topic I see that this url is the older version of ojs 2.4, I don’t know if the new version has a different path.

I also see that someone has uploaded again the pdf but I have hundreads files and so It would be very uncomfortable.

Someone can help me?

Many thanks

Hi @Riccardi

The upgrade to OJS 3 restructures the files in the files_dir. Thus I hope you took a detailed look at the messages during the upgrade – that no error occurred!?
The galleys i.e. full text files are now in the folder files_dir/journals//articles//submission/proof/. So could you check if those PDFs are there?
/public_html/ojs/ojsupfiles/journals/2/articles/165/public is the old folder structure, from OJS 2.4.x.

Just a note for you, for lager, and to be sure: for security reasons the files_dir must not be in the OJS folder i.e. publicly accessible!!! – it looks like your files_dir is in your ojs folder…


Thanks for the reply!
No error while I upgraded.

I moved the files_dir (for backup) and replace to the actual, but if I see the new files_dir created during the upgrade the the path is the same


the difference that I see, is that the new folder doesn’t have public folder but only submission

in mi config.inc.php

I have this configuration

; Complete path to directory to store uploaded files
; (This directory should not be directly web-accessible)
; Windows users should use forward slashes
files_dir = “/home/MYUSER/domains/chiriottieditori.it/public_html/ojs/ojsupfiles”

; Path to the directory to store public uploaded files
; (This directory should be web-accessible and the specified path
; should be relative to the base OJS directory)
; Windows users should use forward slashes
public_files_dir = public

Any ideas?


p.s. I know that the folder is in the root, I will move it after solve the problem

Are your PDF files in the submission/proof/ folder (in files_dir for that article)?

No, my files are in



the new files folder that the upgrade has created has this path


but the submission folder are empty


Hmmm… I think that then something went wrong with the upgrade, so that you would need to restore the backup and try again + watch for the warnings…

Ok, I’ll try to restore my ojs 2.4 and make new upgrade.

In documentation I see this

  • Synchronize new changes from config.TEMPLATE.inc.php to config.inc.php

Is the same thing, if I take config.TEMPLATE.inc.php and set my db config, files_dir etc.?

Many thanks for the support!

Yes, just do not forget an option (i.e. consider all your settings from your old config.inc.php) and rename config.TEMPLATE.inc.php into config.inc.php.

Hi Bozana!
I installed OJS 3 again, and everything works fine!

There’s only a little problem.
In administration, when I go in Submission → Active, nothing happen.
the page is stuck on Loading…

Have you some ideas why?

Other tabs works fine


Have you checked your php error log and/or javascript console for errors?

Hi Ajnyga!
In js console no error.

In my server log I have this:

mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getInitials() on null in …/chiriottieditori.it/public_html/ojs/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/submissions/SubmissionsListGridCellProvider.inc.php on line 82, referer: http://www.chiriottieditori.it/ojs/index.php/ijfs/submissions

This is the line 82

return array(new LinkAction(‘editor’, new NullAction(), $editor->getInitials(), null, $editor->getFullName()));

What can I do? any ideas?

Many thanks!

Possibly there is a submissions with a reference to an non-existing editor? Do you know if you have a lot of submissions active?

The journal is not mine, it is a customer of mine.
I suppose that there are lot of submissions.

For example, the tab archive work fine and there are lot of submissions in there.


The archive probably does not have a submission with a missing editor then, but the active submission do.

One way to solve this would be to edit the SubmissionsListGridCellProvider.inc.php so that it will save the submission id’s to the error log and this way find out which submission has problems. Or to enable stack trace from the config.inc (not sure if you would find the needed information there.

After you know which submission has the problem you could check which editors are assigned to that submission by looking at the database and remove that assignment through the database.

Thanks Ajnyga, how can edit SubmissionsListGridCellProvider.inc.php to do that?

do you have any coding experience and/or do you have access for example to the config.inc.php file?

Yes, I do, but I don’t know Ojs very well. Normally I work with php with Joomla, Wordpress etc

Hi Ajnyga I set stack trace On in config and now i see the submission.
Can I leave this on?

The stack trace option in config.inc.php really should have no effect on user interaction by itself. It only determines if additional information is provided when an error is encountered.

Leaving it on will potentially increase the size of your error logs. It is a developer’s feature, and I would turn it off.

If you turn if off and this error reappears, that would be a very interesting use-case.