PDF.JS not finding PDF

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a problem that when I click to open any PDF (e.g.: https://revistas.pge.sp.gov.br/index.php/revistapegesp/issue/view/146 “Apresentação” PDF button), I’m directed to a page with the PDF.JS viewer open but blank (https://revistas.pge.sp.gov.br/index.php/revistapegesp/article/view/1322/1180) as shown in the print below:

I’m using OJS version

Can someone please help me figure out what’s going on?

Tiago Manzato

Have you recently changed hosting or servers?

  1. Is the path to your pdf files in config.inc.php correct? Please check it first.
    config.inc.php file “files_dir” line
  2. Do your pdf files stay in place?

Well, I just restored the site from the last working state and it seems to be working again, thanks anyway.