PDF full text link for editorials missing


I have noticed that of our 5 published issues thus far, only one editorial has a Full Text: PDF link on it’s article ‘home page’ that readers access. As the DOI link takes you back to the home page for the editorial rather than to the editorial PDF itself, this is a problem because it means if readers use only the DOI to access the editorial, they will not be able to download the PDF file.

I have uploaded final galleys for every editorial we have published, and I can’t work out why one has the full text live link as per all the articles and book reviews, but the other 4 do not have this link. Can you please help?


Hi @CriSTaL_Journal,

I presume you’re using OJS – what version is it? Do you have an example link?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec,

Thanks for your reply. I have no idea what version we are on - it was
installed in 2013 through the university library, and they are in the
process of upgrading to the latest version. This is our website:
Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CriSTaL).

I have another related question while I am here, if I may:
The doi links for each article do not all link to the article page where
the PDF can be previewed and downloaded. For issue 1, 2013, all the doi
links take readers to the article itself. For all the other issues since
then, the doi link takes you back to the abstract page. This is not a
problem where the article/book review has a PDF Full Text hyperlink. But
for these editorial that are missing this link on the abstract page, this
is an issue as without the link to the home page (if readers just have the
doi number) they will not be able to access full text. I hope that makes
sense. It may be easier for you to have a look on our site itself.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @CriSTaL_Journal,

That appears to be OJS 2.3.7, which was released back in early 2012 and is very out of date. I’d suggest beginning by upgrading.

For your other question, could you post it as a new topic? That’ll help keep the forum organized.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team