PDF files not accessible after upgrade to OJS

Hello there,

We’ve recently uptdated your installation to OJS and, since then, most of the pdf files aren’t available. Whenever an user clicks on any of the them this message is presented:


After checking the logs endlessly with no avail and searching for answer here, we found ouselves in a pickle.

Any help is very welcomed.

Hi @thaysecantanhede

How did you run the upgrade? Were there any errors? You say “most of the pdf files”. Do some work?

Is your files_dir config.inc.php parameter configured correctly after the upgrade?

So, nothing in Apache’s error log?



No, the log didnt show any problem and problem was random, happening in some journals and not happening in some others. We have +80 journals, so this problem was finally solved when we upgraded to So the versions and were completely unstable for some reason.

Thankfully this last version solved 900% of our bugs but some minors still happen. We are dealing with each one. =)