PDF file is shown with distorted font

Can someone explain why the attached pdf file to this landing page is shown with a distorted font in the pdf viewer:
If I download the pdf file and open it in my own Adobe Acrobat the text is shown without any distortion.
Niels Erik

Hi @nef,

It looks okay to me. Is it not what you are expecting?


Perhaps at the first look it seems OK but if you look closer you will see that some of the letters do not follow the line. They are a little displaced:
If its hard to see try to zoom a little

Could be this: [OJS] pdfJsViewer rendering problems with Safari 10.1. · Issue #2557 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Fast solution: disable the PDF.js plugin. But the files will of course not open in the browser window anymore. This is basically a problem in PDF.js, so nothing to do in OJS end.