PDF download errors

Currently we are using Open Journal Systems 2.4.1. version.

Unfortunately now we cannot open the Pdf documents availabe on our website. We could not find the source of problem.

we try to udgrade the new version but it gives an erro.

our website:


Hi @ilhanozturk,

Do you get an error message when you try to open a PDF document? Or did you check your server’s error log for a message? That could help you identify the problem.

Sometimes when you can’t open a file it is a permission problem, so I would check that the permissions on the folder where the files are stored are set properly. The folder permissions should be set to write.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Did you enable PDF viewer plugin?

there is no any error problem.

please check it from our following website. when we want ot open pdf file, it does not open and no any explanation.


I have a similar problem with my site

Yes, but there must be problem, So we have to track it down. Check the following:

  1. is on your server installed pdf viewing support
  2. did you install/activate pdf viewer plugin
  3. Is path to your pdf files correct

Please check that