Paypal URL Generation Details

Is there any documentation that details how to create the URL and the tokens that are passed to paypal to get payment from an OJS site? Specifically, we would like to create a printed 2D QR barcode that goes on renewal forms that allow subscribers to scan the QR code and make payment directly. All we need is to pass a subscriber ID and payment amount. So is there some sort of documentation as to how you did this on OJS?
Thanks, radjr

Our version is OJS

Hi @radjr,

Not so far as I know. I think you’d have to create that outside of OJS, and hard code that into it somehow (not sure how exactly).

Also, please note, that the version of OJS that you’re using is no longer maintained or supported by PKP. I recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS. However, other community members may wish to offer assistance with your question.

You may find the following resources helpful in preparing for and performing the upgrade:

These resources will introduce you to OJS 3 and how it is different from OJS 2:

PKP Team

Thanks Roger. Really, I was looking for the documentation that you (PKP) used to create the URL/Packet that is sent to Paypal from OJS.

Yes, we did an upgrade test about two months ago and are just looking for a time to do the real upgrade!
Thanks again.

Cheers, Rich DeVito