Paypal link not visible after Subscription turned on

*Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.2.0-1

I’ve set my issue/article access to subscription-based.
Under Distribution Settings > Payments, I chose the Paypal plugin instead.

Then when I click on Purchase a New Subscription, this follows:

When I click on Save, it takes me back to the Homepage with no error. The Paypal link s not displayed anywhere. Moreover, when I submit an article, I have set a 20 Euro Reader’s fees but anyone is able to access it without paying because it does not ask for payment only; I have turned on the PayPal payment option in the settings. Please help. For your verifications, I’m posting all my setting snapshots:

Hi @Altaf_Bankotkar,

It’s better not to re-post the same content on a new topic – it clutters the forum. If you think your post has been forgotten after a period of time (say a week), feel free to post a follow-up message on the same topic. Someone will follow up on your other post.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I feared reposting might be an issue. I thought my other post is no more under consideration because its more than 15 days now. Sorry for this. You may delete this post. Do you have any thoughts for the solution though?