Password Length Issue

I’m using ojs 3.4.0 version and default theme of OJS

When someone try to register in my website, it throw an error that password length must be 32767 characters and I dont find a file where this length is defined in Ojs
If anyone knows about that plz let me know how can I adjust the password length

Hi @Rashid_jiess,

I see that you posted on this post here: Password Length isse - #8 by ctgraham

That’s quite an older post, dealing with different version of OJS. In this instance, it is better to post a new post like you have here, to not clutter up the forum.

Can you verify what specific version of OJS you’re using. You note 3.4.0, but versions are usually expressed with a dash (e.g. 3.4.0-3) - can you verify?

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PKP Team

Sure, The version is 3.4.0-3

Plz reply me this is my second question to PKP community and no one is replying me

Hi @Rashid_jiess,

Please be patient. Support on the PKP Community Forum is provided for free by PKP staff and community members. We are a small team and need to balance our time spent answering questions here on the Forum with our other work developing and maintaining our free and open source software and other services. We try our best but do not guarantee that every question will be answered or that every issue is resolved.

PKP Team

Hi @Rashid_jiess,

I think the minimum password length setting may somehow have been set to -1. Check in Administration > Site Settings. If you don’t see this field in the administration area, you may have to temporarily create a second journal in your installation.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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