Password Length isse

I cannot login to OMP but I cannot login to admin or to reset password. The system states that the password length must be at least 127 characters. I cannot even set a password via phpmyadmin. What can I do?

Hi @giellemme

In case you have access to your MySQL CLI you may run a SQL statement to reset your password:

UPDATE users SET password=SHA1(CONCAT(username,'newPasswordHere')) WHERE username='usernameHere';

Just check if you are using SHA1 or MD5 in your file.

Israel Cefrn
Public Knowledge Project Team

Tried it. Not working.

Hi there. Any clue on How do I set a minimum / maximum password length in OMP 3.1.4 ?

The minimum password length field appears on the site settings form:

Presumably the corresponding database value would be in the site_settings table, with a setting_name of “minPasswordLength”.

Presumably? There is no such key in the table site_settings…Damn.

But…where is this site settings form in the admin panel?

I don’t have a install of OMP 3.1.1-4 to reference, so I’m just basing my comments on the code itself.

It appears the siteSetupForm is a tab alongside the languages, plugins, and navigation menu:

In OJS, I think the equivalent would be Admin → Administration → Site Settings, but this might also depend on whether you have multiple presses enabled or just a single press enabled. In OJS if you have only one journal enabled, this “Site Settings” link is hidden.