Participants API endpoint not working in 3.3

Hi @NateWr,

im hijacking this thread since my question is related to your answer. Our team is currently testing out ojs 3.4s API functionality: when we tried the submissions/{sub_id}/participants/{stage_id} API endpoint on OJS 3.3, it wasn’t functional. In OJS 3.4 however, it works perfectly fine.

My Question: are the endpoints in the 3.3 API Documentation really only useful for OJS 3.4? And if not, does any API Documentation exist for OJS 3.4 and does OJS 3.4 include any new endpoints?

Kind Regards and thank you for your help,


Hi @Max358, the API documentation at should reflect 3.3. We don’t usually publish API documention for an unreleased version until we reach the Release Candidate phase.

Can you provide a record of the HTTP request/response and any related error logs to help us debug your request?