Partial Upgrade From 3.1 to 3.3

I have run Upgrade command to
Database updated,
file folder was in process and session expired.

now is there any way to just update file folder instead of all process ?

there are 6770 folders and zipped size of file folder is 7GB.

is there any solution??? Please help me

Hi @blackprinceaj

Unfortunately, the best solution here is to restore from backup and attempt the process again.


i take 4 to 5 hours again :unamused:

upgradation was not complete, it was working on “File Folder” when my internet connection stopped working and my attempt remain failed. but then I turned install=On, and you know what its working fine, as some of files and issues checked my self. it also showing in system information

Version history

Version Major Minor Revision Build Date installed 3 3 0 7 2021-08-26 3 1 1 4 2018-09-27

@asmecher what I need to do in this case. may I just continue or try again from start.

Hi @blackprinceaj,

I’m hesitant to give you a 100% OK on this because it wasn’t possible to check the confirmation message at the end of the upgrade process. However, the fact that it’s showing 3.3.0-7 in the version history suggests to me that the upgrade completed successfully. Updating the version number in the database is the last step of the upgrade script.

I would suggest keeping a close eye on it in the near future to ensure it’s working as expected, and keep your backups on hand for a while. If you work with it for a while then discover that something is broken, it’ll be hard to migrate any new content into a second attempt to upgrade from backup.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I was stuck when try to update from 3.1.1-4 to 3.3.0-7
first of all my database was changed in first attempt a year ago. because of this I faced too much issues during my current attempt

I fixed those and want to share here, may be it helpful for some one else

some tables need to be fixed/removed before new attempt

  • remove table authors_temp
  • remove table categories
  • remove table categories_settings

rename a field publication_id with submission_Id in citation table

edit structure of the email_templates table as

CREATE TABLE email_templates (
email_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
email_key varchar(64) NOT NULL,
enabled tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘1’,
assoc_type bigint(20) DEFAULT ‘256’,
assoc_id bigint(20) DEFAULT ‘1’

ALTER TABLE email_templates
ADD PRIMARY KEY (email_id),
ADD UNIQUE KEY email_templates_email_key (email_id,email_key),
ADD UNIQUE KEY email_templates_assoc (email_id,email_key,enabled,assoc_type);

ALTER TABLE email_templates

edit structure of the email_templates_data table as

CREATE TABLE email_templates_data (
email_key varchar(64) NOT NULL,
locale varchar(14) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘en_US’,
assoc_type bigint(20) DEFAULT ‘0’,
assoc_id bigint(20) DEFAULT ‘0’,
subject varchar(120) NOT NULL,
body text

ALTER TABLE email_templates_data
ADD UNIQUE KEY email_templates_data_pkey (email_key,locale,assoc_type,assoc_id);

  • empty email_templates_settings table data if have any rows

  • empty publications table data if have any rows

  • remove table subeditor_submission_group

  • remove all tables start with this name of temp_xxxxxxxx (6 tables)

  • remove table users_temp

1 more things

my hosting provider giving me Server version: mysql but during this time I feel it is not working properly so I shift my database to another server have
Server version: 10.3.29-MariaDB and find that it is ignoring some errors which was raising my old server

after all this it started upgradation at 11:51 AM and at 03:18 PM my internet connection lost
and I was worried about completion but it was good to see that it upgraded and time of completion showing there 04:49 PM. It means it continues even after my internet connection lost.

Its ok now and thank for your feedback,

thanx again

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